Double dip

What is double and triple dipping? It A Party Foul; It's The Only Way To Shop

Double dipping (verb): The act of combining cash back credit cards with and cash back shopping sites to attain maximum savings.

Triple dipping (verb): The act of combining cash back credit cards with online coupons or free shipping and cash back shopping sites to attain maximum savings.

Convenience and selection isn't the only reason to shop online these days. Shopping online helps your bottom line - particularly if you combine coupons, promo codes, your preferred cash back credit card and cash back shopping site and ... don't forget free shipping. Progressive shoppers have been double dipping for years. Perhaps it's time to move past thinking of double dipping as a party foul and rather think of it as the smartest way to shop. If you're spending the money anyway, you need to take advantage of the double and triple dipping opportunities out there to maximize your savings. You want the new Ninja Blender from Kohl's. You login to Go to Kohl's where you get 3.5% cash back. Find a coupon for 20% home wares. Use your cash back credit card for an additional 2% cash back. You are now a triple dipper. Congratulations you saved a total of 25.5%.

Think of it like this. If your employer offers 100% of the first 6% on your 401k plan, you wouldn't leave that 6% on the table would you? Of course not. That would defy the laws of common sense. You'd contribute 6% and gladly accept your company's 401K match. Now, apply that same financial sensibility to your shopping habits. If a cash back site is willing to pay you 15% on your purchase, take advantage of it. The dipping doesn't have to stop there - combine your cash back shopping site with your preferred cash back credit card, coupons and free shipping offers. That's sound financial advice anyway you dip it.

"I used my cash back card on this site and earned two times the money in two simple steps on everyday things that I would have bought anyway. It's the only way to shop online"

- Tom Owens

By combining online shopping with a free shipping offer, online coupon, cash back site and cash back credit card, you will be able to stretch your budget, pay off debt, save it to your child's college fund, or whatever your taste buds fancy. It may not seem like much at first, but let me ask you this ... if you found a dollar on the ground, would you pick it up? It really starts to add up after just a few purchases. You're taxed on it when you make it. You're taxed on it when you spend it. Double dip and keep a little bit of that cash for you.